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" Hear the Trumpet Trill "


Welcome to the official site of Cassini Gap. Everything you could ever want to know about the band.

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Our Music

We are a band, so this site is about our music. We have demos of our songs available for download, and for those who like words, we have some selected lyrics available to view. Here is a picture of us in the Cavern Club, shortly after they updated it via the medium of breezeblocks.


Cassini Gap is based in the UK and formed in 2010, although collaboration between the two founder members of the band. Martin Dodgson and Adam Smith, date back to the 1990s


The duo have played in various bands, Jaspers Crystal Party was the first group from 1990-1997, then Mullet from 1997 with drummer Chris Leaper which included playing gigs around West Yorkshire. Most recently the band set up their own studio in 2010 equipped to record some great new material.

New video for 2013 now available on YouTube - Monochrome